Have you encountered double booked conference rooms, interrupted meetings and calendar booking confusions?

Have you repeatedly found your conference room in a big mess, due to untidy colleagues?

Well… then you should take a look at Book a Room! Because Book a Room will make double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings a thing of the past!

Features at a glance

  • Makes use of Resource Accounts in Microsoft Exchange or Office 365
  • Use only one (1) user account license on your Exchange Server or Office 365 for all the domains rooms
  • Book meetings in your ordinary company calendar system, Mac or PC, desktop or mobile
  • Centrally managed through Book a Room portal
  • Power saving features that dims down the device during night hours and weekends
  • Upload you company logo to brand your displays
  • Both lanscape and portrait orientation
  • A listview of the rooms bookings for the day

Bring Your Own Device

We do the software, You bring the hardware

Book a Room runs as an app for Apple iPad. You can choose any iPad, iPad Mini or iPad Air that is capable of iOS 7.1.

So it is up to you to choose what size and model you like to run your Book a Room installation on. We have guides on how you can configure your device so that it work the best for its purpose.

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